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February 15, 2012


Matthew Engquist

Newsletters are an efficient medium for connecting the management to the staff and informing clients about what's going on in and out of the office. It is also a good form of propaganda for your business because you can share it to others and convince them that your products or services are worth getting.

Lance Valenzula

“...share your passions with your clients.” – This is a very good piece of advice. Finding something in common with your clients can be a way to win their trust. When you share something that is personal with your clients, they feel that you are connecting with them on a personal level. It will make them comfortable and at ease every time you meet with them.

Shannon Mcleod

Clients are to be taken cared of by the agents. They are the key to agent's sales and agent's tracking record. Blogs like this are to be read and understood deeply because this will help us become what our clients want us for them.

Paula Ments

competition in the market are high, so we need a good understanding on how to be successful in connecting with our potential clients.

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