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June 26, 2011


hamptons real estate

Great ideas, I like the "Giving space away to charities" tip. It will both attract people to read your newsletter and help others.

christopher Pia

Interesting article, I am not sure how I came across an real estate article, but interesting read.

Staci Burruel

Newsletters are very important to maintain communication between business owners and the public about what happened in the previous days. In order for the tool to be effective, it should be updated with the latest announcements and promos, and it should include a comment section for suggestions and opinions about the products/services.

christopher Pia

Interesting article, not sure how i came across this but interesting read.

Kevin Beamer

I agree! Hosting a contest will definitely get a lot of attention, especially if the prizes are worth the effort. One of the most popular contests around the internet these days are photography contests, since a lot of people have camera-enabled phones now. Plus, people on the internet like to share a lot. Participants of your contest will most likely post or blog about it, broadcasting it to his/her online friends. That way, your newsletter will be more popular.

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