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May 06, 2010


Charlie Jackson

WOW… and what a great piece and very informative. The explanations and descriptions Patty has shared here is exactly what I have been wanting. I do the marketing for my wife's real estate business here in Denver CO. This article and especially Patty’s newsletter samples have helped me to look at and make my wife’s newsletters more personal able. When I compared hers to Patty's, there is no comparison. Patty's newsletter truly comes across more personal able.
Since we have only sent out one... as we just started her newsletter this month, my wife and I will sit down and review and take notes on how we can improve and make it more personal able. One thing my wife did suggest for us is to have a "Professional Spotlight" section that spotlights a particular business related business within her industry. We are hoping by shedding light on an industry that is business related it will reap benefits down the road. We will see!
Again, thanks Simon for the article and helping all of us improve, and to Patty thank you for sharing your newsletters and experiences. As for my wife’s Real Estate Business we just started to launch we certainly appreciate the sharing, information, knowledge and the "FINAL RESULTS" "THAT DO WORK".
I like the humbleness and fact that Patty rather plays down the numbers as seemingly it would not seem too impressive. The fact is ANY BUSINESS can and should respect that new clients are what keeps them alive and prospering. Patty I only hope to do as well with my wife's newsletters as you have with your insurance business. NOW I know I can with help from you and this article.
God Bless!


I'm delighted the article helped you, Charlie!


Dan beresford

Hi Charlie, thanks for the feedback. Don't be afraid to call if you need help or suggestions. My focus is on helping you succeed.
Dan Beresford

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