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December 22, 2009


Business Communication

Goal setting books should be on the Best Seller list. I ordered some on Amazon that I hope to get today. Yet, so far even this new fitness goal setting book, The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto is getting me excited about ensuring that my goals are actions and not wishes.

Steven O'Connell

Good Ideas In This Post
The idea that stands out the most to me is that most newsletters are written with yourself in mind. You will find that most people sat "I,We, Me" too much.If you count the number of times your content uses those words; then count the number of times your newsletter uses the words "You and Your" then you will get a good idea of how much money you will make. Just put a dollar on the table for every instance you use the word "YOU". And take a dollar off the table ever time you use the word "ME". And you will quickly discover you don't have any money left on the table.

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