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June 06, 2009


Louis Trahan

You couldn't be more right Simon. A recession like this is the best time to step up advertising.

Demand has lessened, but it hasn't completely dried up. What is important is to be foremost in the mind of those clients who are still looking to do business. Since most large companies scale back advertising during tough economic times there are a lot less messages out there to compete with. It's a perfect brand building time.

If I were in the real estate business right now I'd be sending newsletters even more frequently - highlighting my most recent deals. I'd want to build consumer confidence and brand recognition with prospective clients. That way if they are forced to sell they see me as the type of agent who can get deals done - even in this current market.


Thanks for your comment, Louis. Yes, customer confidence and brand recognition are vital. The recession is an opportunity - I say that I am "relishing" doing business in it!

Angie Austin, GRI, MRE, SRS, LTD

Yes so true. Marketing yourself as a Rel Estate Broker is a must. You have to do this in order to attract your customers and client's.
Also learning the ropes of staging a sellers home is a must. For help with some green cleaners visit www. healthyhomeconsulting.myshaklee.com
Have a great day
Angie Austin GRI, MRE, SRS, LTD

Angie Austin, GRI, MRE, SRS, LTD

Did you see it????
It's Real Estate Broker!
Yes typing is also an art. Most Realtors are bad spellers, because they have all the math going on!!!
I think it's right/left brain activity.
What do you think???
I am curios.
Let's communicant and talk
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or email me @ myfivestarrealty@yahoo.com
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