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March 30, 2009



I found you #1 when searching "how to get people to sign up for my newsletter". Good job!

I need to do this. It's a real problem. I have recently changed my "offer" and still no results. I get about 100/day new visitors.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, Deborah


I think you probably need to keep testing different offers.

I checked your site - maybe with the offer you have right now, people think they are just going to get promoted to, rather than helped.

So maybe something like "10 great gift ideas for Father's Day" - that's a good topical one - or "10 Gifts that Show Your Wife You Love Her..." They get the free report and the offers (just tell them they are getting the offers too.)

Or, if you think people do like to get special offers, then maybe you need to tell them how special they are. For example, sign up to get VIP access to our best offers which offer a 20% savings on our regular prices.


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