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March 12, 2009


Joe Pulizzi

Hi Simon...thanks for sharing this with me and the mention on the book.

I read this a couple times - actually I was quite impressed with the point-by-point analysis. You pretty much nailed it.

The big issue here is this. If you don't provide the valuable and relevant content your customers need, then someone else (probably your competitor) will. There are no such things as trade secrets anymore. We can get information anywhere - so why can't your realtor client be the one giving that information out, and presenting themselves as the #1 trusted resource for this kind of content.

If it's "too-much" content, it's probably not necessary. If it's "too-much" content, you probably can't handle it from a production perspective.

I always look at it this way - if you are a news journalist and there is a breaking news story, but you've already provided 3 breaking news stories already today, do you not deliver the story because you think it may be too much. Never ever! If it's important and relevant, it's never too much.

Great stuff Simon.

newsletter design

I think that when you build a website or newsletter it's important to put the information out there, but it should be layered - meaning, you don't just "throw" the information out there, you put it in a proper form so that if the person is interested he can read more.
and I very much relate to the last point you mentioned about personalizing the relationship with your client, it's super important! thanks for the article, it was very informative

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