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January 04, 2007


Jason Petty

What I have found that the key to liking the light is directly associated to the brand bulb you buy. It is all about color temperature. Some brands cast a “white” light that is not easy on the eyes - what you want to look for are bulbs that truly produce 2700K.
At SOSLightBulbs.com, we sell nearly every brand out there but I can absolutely say that what you want in your house is TCP brand. TCP is the largest producer of CFL’s in the world and from our experience as a distributor; we believe they are the closest to producing true 2700K. Whether you buy them from us is your choice but it makes me sick when I go into someone’s house and their yellow walls turned green - simply because of the color temp that the CFL produce.
Another option is Cold Cathode technology. These are lower wattage bulbs that produce a nice yellow light and come in a variety of designs. They work great in lamps that you want to leave on all the time. I have them in lamps in our house and they never go off… and I can unscrew them at any point with our burning my hand thus producing less heat in the home. They take a while to warm up but they are great for the environment because of the extremely low wattage and they cast a good light. Here is a link if you want to check them out.
We all want everyone to convert to CFL’s or LED’s or even the newest technology Cold Cathode bulbs BUT we all need to have a good experience when we plug them in AND actually like the light output. If any of you need or want to learn more go to www.soslightbulbs.com then click the home icon in the center of the page - we have put some pretty informative stuff on there, even an energy savings calculator.
I know that this sounds like I am selling BUT I want everyone to have a good experience with a conversion to low wattage CFL’s whether or not they buy them from SOS is really up to you. I think Home Depot is carrying a decent line of CFL’s that we have tested if you would prefer to buy them there. What is ultimately important is that we all try to conserve where we can and be less dependant on power companies to produce more and more energy through environmentally unfriendly means such as coal plants.


Thanks for the info, Jason. It's important that everyone changes over, so the more info and reliable vendors there are, the better. Good luck with your business.

Do you have this kind of userp-guide on your site? You know, "a guide to buying a bulb that you'll actually like when you switch it on!". That would help make you expert suppliers and set up apart from the competition.


Great advice.... I am sorry if I sounded too comercial.



Compact fluorescent light bulbs pose a threat to health and it also effects people who suffers with rare skin diseases that makes sensitive to light.

Anders Hoveland

I hate those CFL bulbs with a vengeful passion. The light they give off is just awful. It gave me eye strain when I tried to read, and it was made my skin tone look sickly in the mirror. Not only that, but they also leak UV radiation that makes my skin feel sore if I sit under one too long. I may be more sensitive than most, but there are still many other people who have the same problem.

I have stockpiled on incandescent bulbs, and no, I do not feel the least bit guilty about the environment. I turn my bulbs off when I am not using them. Most of the energy being wasted is from "energy efficient" flourescent tubes in workplaces and sodium street lamps that are needlessly left on all the time. Stop blaming the incandescent bulb: Big companies and cities need to stop using so much light. Why don't environmentalists go after Walmart for living on all those high energy lights in their huge parking lots?

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