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January 29, 2007



Hi There
why did I come from Seth Godin's site, only to come back to it through yours?
Is this some cheesy SEO trick?


Hi Bill,

No, not some cheesey SEO trick.

You clicked on a trackback link. What this means is when I wrote about Seth's post, I included a link that let Seth's blog know it had been referenced in mine. Seth has his blog set up to publish trackbacks, so an extract from my post appeared on his blog.

It's all part of the way blogs are able to link to each other and create an interesting dialog.


Training Connection

Thanks for mentioning Seth Godin. He also has a great blog for "Tell it like it is" tips on presentations design and delivery.


This is interesting. I am taking a marketing class and this will help me for when I give a presentation in my class.

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